Wednesday, July 31, 2013


At the brink of revolution, I can only imagine what I would give to see your face just one more time. To place you and her next to each other looking at the similarities of the noses, the cheekbones...

And knowing what we do now and feeling like it is bittersweet fills me with a knife I cannot remove. The bitter is that you are not here but the sweet is what you have achieved and your legend. 

In my memory, you were always gentle and soft-spoken. Always making your "Baby girls" feel special. 

Trying to uncover everything is like wandering around in a house without doors. There is no closure--just an endless maze of rooms and compartments. 

The only way to know you now is to look at your children's faces and listen to their recollections. It is for me to sing and for my fingers to touch the black and white keys. 

For those you left behind, we all carry a piece of you within ourselves.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Half Year

Half of 2013 has passed and I find myself finally feeling like I've settled into the year. This first month of Inward Growth was tough. I had to get the Hepatitis Vaccine due to purchasing the Townsend Farms Organic Berry Blend. Luckily, my blood test came out negative and once I receive the second shot in the series, I'll be protected for life!

My car broke down last month but I was able to get another one. Cursed and blessed at the same time, eh? My mood changes much like the weather but when I get my rest, I feel at ease. I glance around my woman cave and have this urge to rearrange things. We'll see if Brian can offer some of that manly strength.

Can you believe ten years ago I walked across the stage at UCLA? These past ten years have taught me so much about what it means to be employed in America. What was promised to our parents and grandparents has somehow diminished and transformed. In my eyes, there is no such thing as job security but I have a secure belief that nothing lasts so you must roll with the punches if you're to make ends meet. Entrepreneurship is a must!

On that note, I bow out and look forward to the fireworks that will light up the sky tomorrow.