Monday, September 21, 2009

The Class For Me

Creative Writing class is the class I've been looking for. I was taking two other classes but I had to drop them due to the havoc unleashed onto my schedule. However, I got lucky and have found a class I look forward to. It's engaging, challenging, fun and most importantly, welcoming. Every week during the second half, the teacher has us rearrange the desks into a circle and we read aloud work from students in the class, anonymously (the teacher removes the names) and discuss them and why they're great pieces. The teacher always has these cool ass activities like "write down a sentence of dialogue you over hear from anywhere" or "cut these sentences up and arrange them into a poem". I'm sold. At the end of the course, we have to turn in a portfolio and every week we have to turn in a piece of work -whether it's new, old or whatever and she gives it back with comments. Did I mention that I'm sold?...Yes, I am.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why am I obsessed with pistol whipping? Not really, but kinda. I went to the gun range with Brian over Labor Day weekend and held, shot and loaded a gun for the first time in my life. As much as I thought I'd be prepare - watching Al Pacino and De Niro movies, or yelling during a horror film"Uh uh girl, forget his knife, where's your gun?", nothing prepared me for the fear that I felt immediately as I walked into the booth. For me, it was the finality - the thought that every person including me is holding one of the deadliest weapons known to man and I trust that all they'll do is aim for their target and there will be no accidents. Holding a gun didn't make me feel powerful - it made me extremely paranoid and hell bent on precision. Aiming at the target and trying to get the best shot imaginable. God forbid, if I'm ever put in a situation at least I'll have the knowledge to know how it works. Now back to pistol whipping - how come there's no range for that? Seriously, I was looking around for the pistol whipping section at the gun range and to my bitter disappointment thought Dang, I guess they didn't.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Scale Has Spoken...

So I weighed myself today and after many days of being at a started dropping again:) I reduced my calorie intake by 100 which was a little hard at first but not so hard once I got used to it. I guess the treadmill is my new best friend - oh and don't forget that trusty elliptical machine. I hate the gym but sometimes you have to buckle down and go when the air quality sucks. I haven't forgotten about my bike though - but these days are so unbearably hot not to mention the sky is "ashy" from the fires- I'd rather go when it's dark. I miss the unbridled grandeur that accompanies my rides and can't wait till Autumn descends with its colored leaves and windy afternoons. I still have a ways to go till I reach my goal but it's the small accomplishments that keep me motivated. In case you haven't noticed, Autumn is my favorite season. It has always been since I was a little girl. It's the time to start new things and a time to let old things go before the New Year comes. It's the smell of libraries, new books and new classes. New friends and old friends too. The smell of leaves, all shapes, sizes and colors and there's me jumping on them and stepping on the crunchy ones when I walk. It brings that new book you take to the park and read lying under a shaded elm with a blanket and a green apple. It's your mom making your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich or your kid's first day in kindergarten. It's releasing your new album or dressing up as a witch on Halloween. It's Thanksgiving with your family and friends or your obsessive Fantasy Football league. It's so many things in only a few months before the trees get bare and the birds fly away.