Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It's 2015 and I am looking forward to returning to blogging a bit more regularly. The last six months of 2014 were extremely busy and reflective. We were under the weather on Christmas and New Years so we stayed home and rested up. Starting the new year not hungover is a great idea, I must suggest. Your mind is clear, focused and you don't have to push your new resolutions to January 2 (or January 3) when you're feeling better.

Some of my goals for this year are to blog at least once a month, get my album mastered and pressed up (finally) and continue creating art in whatever aspect I am inspired to. Another goal for this year is to continue surrounding myself with positive energy and people. Life is too short to be around individuals who knowingly or unknowingly bring others down. This is a lesson that has taken me years to understand and apply.

I also started following a modified Paleo diet again. As much as I love bread, I don't think it agrees with me. I don't have celiac disease but I know that when I stopped eating bread during my first Whole 30, (you can read my post here) I felt less bloated after meals and all around healthier. I know I cannot be 100% Paleo because I refuse to give up brown rice, ketchup, certain types of cheese and sushi but I think if I follow the framework and allow myself some leniency, I'll be okay.

For now, it's the beginning. Everything is green, everything is new. The days are fresh and it is time to jump into this year's accomplishments.