Monday, July 30, 2012

A Few Photos From The Show

I am waiting to get more photos and footage but so far, here are some of the photos from last night. I stole this one above of us playing and hope to get more off us on stage! The ones below are with friends and family:) We had the best show that we've had so far. We switched around our set list and I think it helped changed things up for us. I felt more relaxed and yet energized because our crowd rocked. They were dancing - which doesn't usually happen because people mostly watch and bob their heads but they were dancing up a storm and we fed off of their enthusiasm.

Taken by Stephanie's hubby, Sergio - Stephanie, Eva and me. 

Stan and Brian

Channeling Cleo:)

With my Muse, Inspiration and Groupie for Life!

Mommy and me

Friday, July 27, 2012

Show Tomorrow Night!

We have a show tomorrow night at On The Rox! I am very excited because a lot of people are coming. I'm also excited because simply, I get to do what I love to do the most in the whole wide world.

Here's a preview of a demo we're working on - I posted these lyrics in a blog post awhile back - We've Just Begun To Live - and now you can hear what the lyrics and the music sound like together in this rough version!

Folder "We've Just Begun To Live.mp3"

Come check us out if you're in town! Otherwise, I want to thank all of you who commented on my previous post and everyone who supports this blog in general. I appreciate the lovely friendships I've made!

Time to ROCK OUT!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This week has been a difficult week. Our best friends' mother passed away on Wednesday and another old family friend's son passed away on Friday. Not to mention the shootings in Colorado. For a beautiful woman to suddenly have limited time with her family and a young man to be inflicted with a deadly disease at the age of twenty-six, one must wonder why the hell someone in Colorado would treat life with such disregard and plain hatred.

The human race never ceases to amaze me...yes, part of my tone is angry and upset. I am upset because life should not be held in such disregard. Those who treasure it are forced to move on to the afterlife and those who don't somehow get arrested and spend their lives in jail with no remorse and no sorrow for the lives they have ruined. People like that should be shipped into orbit and released into nothingness..seriously.

However, returning to that statement above, another part of me believes there is hope for humans. Our friends' mom, Susan, raised two men who are loving husbands and great fathers. She lived to have six grandchildren and when I see their beautiful faces, all I can think about is how lucky they are to have had such a grandmother. When I think of the moments we've all spent together laughing, engaging in some cut-throat game nights, enjoying the holidays, weddings, birthdays and deep conversations about our life dreams, my heart is full of love and I am so grateful for the memories we've shared and the bonds we've created.

Today is Susan's memorial and I will be there with an open heart and pray that Time will lend its hand to slowly heal the wounds of all who are sorrowed. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brotherly Love

My brother and his girlfriend visited us last week and we had way too much fun. When I start pushing my bedtime further and further back, that's when I know I'm around people I just love to be around. My brother called me and his girlfriend "Time Bandits" because our conversations always got deeper right before we had to be somewhere.

When you're with people who bring love and light into your world, time stops. You're having so much fun and you never want it to end. I had one of the best weekends I've had in awhile and can't wait to visit them in New York sometime this year or early next. Cheers to family!