Monday, October 31, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here and for me that means more sunset chases.

It's reflecting on the previous months, the upcoming holidays and the new year ahead.

It's candlelit movie nights and dinners and hearing the wind chase leaves into the air.

It's wrapping up projects and slowing down.

It's sitting under a tree at the park and getting lost in a book.

There's renewal in the shorter days because daylight is precious.

It's shedding this year's weight and preparing for the opportunity to begin the next year free.

**photo by Brian Chism**

Friday, July 22, 2016

What To Say?

The up and downs of the world have paralleled ups and downs in my life. Or maybe the ups and downs of the world are the same in my life. I have had things to say but I haven't wanted to say them. The endless cycle of police brutality, death, terrorists attacks, the war of the left and right have left me wanting to shut it off. To shut it away.

I have asked those who came before me many times if things are worse now then they were then and they say that they're not, it's the access and the frequency of the information that makes it seem worse. These things were always going on, my mother says, it's just that now we're seeing them everyday and they're right in our face.

Right in my face makes it worse for me. To escape means to disconnect, to turn off, to delete, to log off. There are so many beautiful aspects of the internet that are positive - reading others writing and blogs, discovering new recipes, getting lost on Wikipedia, learning how to do something on YouTube, watching my family and friends' little ones grow up, take their first steps, learn to speak, or friends getting engaged, wedding pictures, hopes, dreams, connecting, the future...

But the death, the fighting, the disagreements, the arguing, the left, the right, the terrorism, the bombs, the trolling, the disrespect, the bloodshed, the injustice, the murdering, the violence, the bullying, the racism, the intolerance, the disregard for human life, the apathy, the money-driven machines competing to be first to share the heartbreak to the public, the inequality and division on repeat, again and again, click, repeat,, watch, post, repeat...

Is too much.

I will never lose faith in humanity even though my faith in people has diminished.  I know there's a light and I understand what is precious and how moments with those you love and cherish are the colors that decorate this book of life.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Unproductive or Productive Saturday?

All morning I've been caught up with blog tweaking. Now that it's 3:34 pm, I'm wondering how I can turn this Saturday into a productive one. I've got laundry, cooking, dishes to do and somehow feel like the day is already over. On the Saturdays when I'm able to get that stuff done, I feel like my blog and writing in general is neglected. How do you manage art and responsibilities? How does one balance writing, letting time pass and then engaging in a mindless task like cleaning the house? 

Inquiring minds need to know.

I guess I'll start with the dishes and see where that takes me...

Saturday, May 14, 2016


We celebrated our five-year anniversary in Las Vegas like we promised we would. My mom and our good friends Tony and Cherry joined us for a couple of days and we had so much fun. I got stuck at the Roulette table multiple times and found a slot machine with some serious bonuses that kept me occupied. We ate some delicious food and even got to watch our first show, The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil, courtesy of Brian's good friend.

We retraced our steps to the Flamingo chapel where we got married and even had time to explore a few places outside of the strip. It was nice to get away and to remember the cherished memories that our wedding in Las Vegas five years evoked.

The riddle of it all is that while I feel like I have changed over these past five years, who I am truly inside will always remain the same. And my love for him, although it multiples exponentially each and every day, will always be unchanged, unmoved and unwavering. 
Cheers to love!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy New Year!

Yes, it happened. We finally went ice skating during the holidays. Yes, I railed it for the first couple of times around the rink and then I saw my mom zip by me and got enough courage to tread without a safety net. Brian was so great at skating, he whipped and zipped by everyone and of course, came up behind me to scare me a couple of times. Stan played it safe and hung out by the rail but eventually he ventured out into brave territory and danced a little bit.

(My mom's so cute!)

When the burning in our legs finally slowed us down, we called it a night. I had a blast and it really made my Christmas holiday feel like the holidays.

Now it's January and everything is fresh and new. Resolutions are booming and people feel like time has slowed down again. I, for some reason, feel like it's still going by so fast so I am trying to make each day count. My resolutions aren't just for January, they're for the whole year.

Happy New Year My Fellow Aliens!