Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Between Living

If there is ever a time when I feel down or out of sorts, I think of this day and remember its greatness not just in what we became but how we all came together. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Meet Greyhound - my new favorite Autumn Sweater!

Now let's hope it keeps me warm and cozy now that my immune system has slightly weakened. Today is a tea, lemonade, soup and veggie day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where The Magic Happens

There are various spots in my home that I simply love. In a previous blog called The Woman Cave, I talked about how I carved out a little space for writing, contemplating and all sorts of stuff. This is where I write mostly.


I also have a bulletin board where I put things to remember and pictures and quotes that inspire me. Above my desk is a little inspirational corner with some spiritual books I like to refer to from time to time. If I glance to my right, a Harry Potter hangs to represent my geeky side. (Snorts and pulls her glasses up over her nose).



I try to make coffee for Brian every morning before he goes to work. I put a little picture above the coffee maker with a saying from Buddha on it. "The mind is everything. What you think you become." This quote greets me in the morning and sets the tone for what will transpire as the day unfolds. Speaking of Brian - he's the best part of living in our house. Oh yeah, don't forget to glance back at the bulletin board at the top to see a picture of me and my brother Naje in DC visiting my other brother Corey. Isn't he handsome? His website is here -


Being the earring junkie that I am, I have another bulletin board with my jewelry on it (or ju-ry for slang). I also have perfumes or "berfume" like I used to say when I was little. Most are gifts from my mom who loves to smell fresh and clean. I love lighting candles in this area because it's in the hallway and somehow soothes my nerves when I'm on my way to the bathroom.

 Here's a little bit of yours truly in raw form - no makeup, hair nappy, eyes closed with heart wide open!

I love sushi! Here's a pic my friend Adelia took of us a couple of nights ago at a sushi restaurant.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My mom continually teaches and reminds me that when people say something negative about you it is only a reflection of how they feel about themselves. This is not a situation where you have sought out criticism but a situation where you have not and someone offers it out of the blue. It's almost like coasting on a flying carpet, happily looking around at the world and suddenly hitting the top of a pyramid, finding yourself rolling down the side. It's also like walking along a straight road, gazing at the scenery and suddenly tripping in a hole you had no idea was there.

For me, that is what this criticism feels like. When it grazes my skin, her words of wisdom spread across my soul and heart and give me flight if I feel like I've fallen. They transform my disappointment into prayer and I only hope that people who criticize others for no reason find their flying carpet or happy road with no unexpected bumps or potholes. If you're religious, this is when you go to church and pray for someone. If you're spiritual, then is when you meditate, get centered and breathe positive energy into the atmosphere hoping it can bring balance to their universe. When you have reached the point when you are completely in touch with the power of your heart, mind and thoughts, nothing can penetrate you.

We are all mirrors.  
"The mind is everything, what you think you become" - Buddha

Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn Beauty

As my favorite season approaches, I feel inspired to create a small bucket list. As much as I love autumn, it usually zooms by and all the things I say I'm going to do end up pushed so far away until winter's gloom sets in.

But now that I actually have more time, I can take advantage of autumn's beauty and cross a few things off of this list:

- Read some of "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" on a blanket under a tree.
- Stomp on as many leaves as possible when walking or running.
- Laugh uncontrollably at Knott's Scary Farm with family and friends.
- Buy some combat boots and rock them with an orange or green scarf
- Actually carve some pumpkins and not just let them sit out until they               rot like last year, lmao.
- Visit my favorite spots and get lost in the scenery aka Reseda, Skirball, SRF.
- Go camping. 
- Find a bench like the one in the picture, sit there for hours, people watching
  or listening to my favorite tunes. (Contemplating our universe may roam
  into my mind from time to time.)

There it is. My small bucket list that I aim to complete before the dreary, cold embers of winter's melancholy invade my heart on December 21. (As you suspect, I hate winter!)
Carpe Autumnus!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ode to Snapple Bottles

During my first year of college, my brother and I decided it would be cool to take the same class since we attended the same university. He was getting more and more into film and I liked the idea of spending time with him on campus. We enrolled in an Italian Cinema class and it turned out to be one of the funnest classes I ever took.

What made it fun wasn't just the teacher's obsession with critiquing every sex scene in the films we watched or the way he said with such aggression "Camille Paglia". It was his blindness to the fact that during almost every lecture my brother rolled Snapple bottles down the rows of the classroom.

At the beginning of class, sometimes he brought Panda Express for both of us or shared his with me. He loved juice and always had some sort of bottle with him. When he was finished with his drink, he set the bottle on its side and let it roll down clanking and clinking until it reached the bottom of the classroom. Like little kids we giggled uncontrollably. He also took the paper bag that his food or snacks were in and threw it against the wall next to us. I would be taking notes and all of a sudden hear a WHACK and look up to see my brother smiling.

The worse thing I did was say that this chick in our class looked like Marilyn Manson. I chanted under my breath, "The Beautiful People. The Beautiful People" in my brother's ear and we cracked up laughing.

We were nerds but because of this class, I will never forgot how much fun it was to go to college with my brother or the pain my stomach endured from laughing at his crazy antics.

Because of him, I felt safe in a new place. He was the reason why I was able to get into that college in the first place because he secretly sent me an application before my high school got them. He picked me up when I needed rides, took me grocery shopping, drove me to San Diego to visit home during the holidays and made the transition of leaving home at seventeen a lot easier. <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tonight's Bike Ride...

Was a last minute decision. I had extremely bad cramps and was about to lay up on the couch like a bear possibly with a heating pad. Somehow, my mind changed abruptly and getting a workout in convinced me I'd feel better. With Brian's help, (he puts my bicycle in the truck even though I can do it--it's really sweet! Go ahead make throw up noises, lol) I was on my way to the lake in no time.

The first half of the bike ride was a breeze! Radiohead in my ears, biking gloves on, the trees, the wind and the moon following me. I was flying! Mosquitoes were cussing me out 'cause they couldn't penetrate my forehead.

Then all of a sudden, I hit the second half of my ride and Dayum! I really had to push. It was almost completely dark and I could feel the laziness creeping into my hamstrings. My feet felt so heavy like I was riding through a tar pit but I wasn't giving up.

A quick song change to some Thrice and I chased the moon back to my car. My cramps feel so much better and now I can resume my "bear-like" activities after I wash the dishes. Wait a minute! Animals don't wash dishes!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Number 2 Newlywed Question

I say number two because the number one question has to do with having children right away. People who know me know that I absolutely love children but they also know I'd like to wait a couple of years before I start having them.

Now on to the second question which is...

"Do you feel different now that you're married?"

The answer...yes and no.

The "no" part has to deal with us living together for awhile (years) before we got married. We are used to each other's way of living and habits so this hasn't really changed except for the fact that we are now a married couple living together. For me, it's like driving down a highway that once had no outline and now the lines are defined and clear. Or wearing glasses and then putting contacts on for the first time. Things were visible and my life was heading somewhere but now there is a clear distinction of who we are and that we are heading there together and I love it.

The "yes" part has to deal with family. Even though we don't have kids yet, we are a family and I love saying things like "Family night" or "Family Time". The continuation of our parents--a history that is living on and becoming greater as we progress makes me feel connected to his family and he to mine--our family tree has grown in size and strength.

I always imagined my life but I never knew how the pieces would fit and it's turning out to be the greatest piece of art I could have ever imagined.