Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Time Without

I remember...

When days had more silence
No texts, no tags, no likes, no shares
The feeling of checking my answering machine when I got home
Not knowing what anyone was doing, thinking or saying at all times
Getting pictures in the mail of someone's kids 
Not knowing what someone ate, watched, listened to or hated
Listening to an album all the way through and experiencing its entirety 
Getting letters in class and reading them while walking home from school
Card catalogs
Thomas Guides
Using the white pages to find someone's number
Waiting for the DJ to announce the band on the previous song
Spending more time uninterrupted
Getting locked out of the house and waiting until my parents got home
When movie stars' real lives were mysteries 
The cacophony of neighborhood kids playing outside

My voice
A little bit louder
A little less drowned out by the outside world
A little less distracted