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The Second Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  In honor of this day, I'll share my latest entry in the journal I write to you in: 6/12/18 Dearest Daddy, My second Father's Day without you here in human form. I get sad sometimes but then I am grateful and thankful of the love that connects us. To know a father's love, to know your love is immeasurable. I am one of the lucky ones to have been raised by two people.  My mom said I got my honesty from you and while I can't 100% say that I have never told a lie, it is hard for me to. It's also hard for me to hold in what I am feeling. Even if it's not in conversation, it is in my art, my songs, my writing or my voice. These gifts that are bestowed upon me---the inquisitiveness, the yearn to travel, to read, to learn--I feel that I am connected to you. I feel our bond. I feel guilt sometimes. I wish I could have been there--been closer. But I know if I had died, you would be feeling the same. We chose our path

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