Unproductive or Productive Saturday?

All morning I've been caught up with blog tweaking. Now that it's 3:34 pm, I'm wondering how I can turn this Saturday into a productive one. I've got laundry, cooking, dishes to do and somehow feel like the day is already over. On the Saturdays when I'm able to get that stuff done, I feel like my blog and writing in general is neglected. How do you manage art and responsibilities? How does one balance writing, letting time pass and then engaging in a mindless task like cleaning the house? 

Inquiring minds need to know.

I guess I'll start with the dishes and see where that takes me...


  1. Sometimes the most productive thing I do on a Saturday is eat an entire pint of ice cream :) somehow I do feel accomplished afterwards!

  2. Ice cream! That's a great idea! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Balance is the hardest part. I've broken my responsibilities into days of the week. Wednesday is always my blogging day. Mondays are for weekend catch up (including chores). Tuesdays are for marketing. Thursdays are for shopping. Fridays are whatever-needs-doing days. Just enough structure to stay sane, but loose enough to be flexible where needed. =)

    Writing? That happens every day. Typically the same time of the day.


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