A Few Photos From The Show

I am waiting to get more photos and footage but so far, here are some of the photos from last night. I stole this one above of us playing and hope to get more off us on stage! The ones below are with friends and family:) We had the best show that we've had so far. We switched around our set list and I think it helped changed things up for us. I felt more relaxed and yet energized because our crowd rocked. They were dancing - which doesn't usually happen because people mostly watch and bob their heads but they were dancing up a storm and we fed off of their enthusiasm.

Taken by Stephanie's hubby, Sergio - Stephanie, Eva and me. 

Stan and Brian

Channeling Cleo:)

With my Muse, Inspiration and Groupie for Life!

Mommy and me


  1. OMG OMG you are a super star!!!!! My beautiful Shaharoh you look amazing, oh how I wish I was in the audience to properly admire you. Thank you so much for the photos, I reallyyy wanted to see them. Kisses and bows beautiful muse...

  2. That astonishing diva next to you CANNOT be your mom...!!!! She must be your sister or something...

  3. Aww Kisses to you Unikorna! Thank you for your words! I hope we can get more stage pictures as well. Lol, yes, that's my Moms. She's a fierce one! XOXOXOXO!

  4. This is so so so so cool!!!!!! One because singing is by far one of my favorite things to do and one I absolutely suck at and two because I find so amazing when I see people creating. Beautiful you :)


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