The Class For Me

Creative Writing class is the class I've been looking for. I was taking two other classes but I had to drop them due to the havoc unleashed onto my schedule. However, I got lucky and have found a class I look forward to. It's engaging, challenging, fun and most importantly, welcoming. Every week during the second half, the teacher has us rearrange the desks into a circle and we read aloud work from students in the class, anonymously (the teacher removes the names) and discuss them and why they're great pieces. The teacher always has these cool ass activities like "write down a sentence of dialogue you over hear from anywhere" or "cut these sentences up and arrange them into a poem". I'm sold. At the end of the course, we have to turn in a portfolio and every week we have to turn in a piece of work -whether it's new, old or whatever and she gives it back with comments. Did I mention that I'm sold?...Yes, I am.


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