Why am I obsessed with pistol whipping? Not really, but kinda. I went to the gun range with Brian over Labor Day weekend and held, shot and loaded a gun for the first time in my life. As much as I thought I'd be prepare - watching Al Pacino and De Niro movies, or yelling during a horror film"Uh uh girl, forget his knife, where's your gun?", nothing prepared me for the fear that I felt immediately as I walked into the booth. For me, it was the finality - the thought that every person including me is holding one of the deadliest weapons known to man and I trust that all they'll do is aim for their target and there will be no accidents. Holding a gun didn't make me feel powerful - it made me extremely paranoid and hell bent on precision. Aiming at the target and trying to get the best shot imaginable. God forbid, if I'm ever put in a situation at least I'll have the knowledge to know how it works. Now back to pistol whipping - how come there's no range for that? Seriously, I was looking around for the pistol whipping section at the gun range and to my bitter disappointment thought Dang, I guess they didn't.


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