We arrived in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon and the weather was the opposite of what we anticipated. It was sunny, not too hot nor cold, and welcoming. We took a taxi to the hotel and I swear, not ten minutes passed before Brian's mom and dad walked in. Then the rest of the family walked into the lobby and it was at that moment, I realized I was on vacation. Hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, stories about their 12 hour car ride from Michigan - then Brian's brother Jason, the groom and new sister Lauren, the bride, were all of sudden standing with us and it was absolutely great. It reminded me of Christmas when I was a little girl, where it began small at our house -- my brother's and I opened up presents in the living room-- and then we ended up at some family member's or close friend's house where every single person who was important was there somehow in the same place. Time stops and each moment is filled with conversation and stories bridging the gap between now and the last time you saw them. Memories decorate the lips and faces of everyone and you can never give or get too many hugs. You wish you had a huge lot of land with 10 houses where everyone you know and love could live there forever.


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