Time Is Ticking Away...

And the best holiday of the season has yet to pass! Christmas has and will always be my favorite holiday. It's even better than my birthday because everyone gets gifts--although, everyone gets gifts on my birthday because it's Valentine's Day but whatever. My creative writing class is ending which is a little sad but I was looking up other possible classes to take in the spring and the possibilities are endless? There's beginning photography, intermediate acting, tap, yoga on Saturday mornings, photojournalism, another creative writing class at another community college, intro to oil painting, etc. I just have to narrow it down and make sure it doesn't conflict with my work schedule. Oh yah and then there's Hawaii! Can't believe I'm going! Can't wait to go - but honestly, trying hard to stay focus on working out at least everyday before then. Why is it so hard to work out and take care of black hair? It's like - you get your hair did and it's all straight and nice and flowy and as soon as any iota of steam hits it...Poof! It looks like black cotton candy. But...and yes but...what I do is wrap my hair every night and workout in the morning while the weather is cool. It gets a little frizzy but since it's wrapped up, not as much. I touch it up for work and Voila! Now Hawaii is a different story. Wait and see what my hair will be like for Hawaii. Trust me - it's either braids or a weave or maybe I'll just cut it all off and roll Sinead O'Conner, Natalie Portman during V for Vendetta phase or Grace Jones style.


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