The Woman Cave

The Woman Cave - Brian called my new and improved office space for writing, thinking, contemplating, dreaming... After a year or two of getting into the habit of writing on the couch at the coffee table with the TV on, I decided to go back to my desk. The only sucky part was that once upon a time when I was still living at home and in college, I'd always written poems or sayings and hung them on walls for inspiration but there was nothing there. Since my trusty crayons and magic markers were tucked away, I used the white screen in front of me to print my own little inspirational sayings and cut them out to pin to my bulletin board. Here are a few:


Guitar players are sexy...well, Brian is.

i like to write.

The beauty of the world lies in our hearts

When Brian came home after his basketball game, I excitedly showed him how I revamped my little area and he called it The Woman Cave. This brought a wild rush to my heart and a giddiness I can't believe I'm revealing. I get excited with new possibilities - knowing that there is a little space where I can disappear into my own thoughts and create my own worlds.

Does it help that it's right by the kitchen? Mmmmm....chocolate.


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