11/11/11 is a holiday for me. Eleven has been my favorite number every since I can remember. Sometime in junior high, I coined the alias "Eleveness" and have used it since. "Eleven" is for my favorite number and "ess" is the first letter of my name spelled out. My zodiac sign, Aquarius, is the eleventh sign and I was born at 1:17am. 7 is also a favorite of mine so this came as a shock to me when my mom showed me my birth certificate.

Having said all of that, I am truly looking forward to celebrating something that occurs every hundred years. Another coincidence is that eleven is also Brian's favorite number and the number he used for playing sports his whole life. I really thought he was just copying me when he said it was his favorite number but after I saw proof, I was in awe.

At 11:11 on 11/11/11, I plan on being with my love celebrating life, happiness and all things coincidental.

*I started a new blog and am seeking followers. It an experiment because I've found another voice. It's called The Crimson Clock and it's a "Period Blog" not as in punctuation...


  1. I'm following your new blog.

    There once was a time that I disliked the number 11 very much. I've since gotten over it. I don't even know WHY I didn't like it. Oh well.

    My favorite number is 19.

  2. 19 hmm interesting! Any special reason why? Thank you for your support Ronni! xoxo

  3. That's the first sane and interesting thing I've read so far about the 11.11.11 issue. You speak wisely :)


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