Creating Balance and Allowing Unbalance

I really dig the blog Zen Habits  and I also love this book called Simplify Your Life. When I erase the slate and start fresh, I consult these two entities.

This time of the year is for resolutions. More importantly, fitness ones. The gym parking lot was packed the other night. I was actually on a movie date with Brian which is located in the same area. Come February and it will die down. As soon as people begin their resolutions, they give up. I include myself, most especially, where fitness is concerned.

So I have wiped my slate clean and decided that if I do a little bit of something everyday, I will create balance. My daily goal is to get some form of exercise, bring my lunch to work and do a super-set of weights at least five days out of the week.

But...I also will allow myself to create unbalance. By that I mean, this morning I slept in longer than usual because my body was absolutely sore from doing some bleachers yesterday during lunch with my co-worker. Brian suggested I get more rest. So this morning there was no yoga or weights. Instead, I felt rested, not pressured and walked again at my lunch break. Included were those bleachers that my calves are screaming expletives at.

I whipped up a quick meal for lunch tomorrow, packed my gym clothes, picked out my work clothes and now I am ready to relax. For me, it's all about planning but I know I will slip because you can never be perfect. What I do know is that if I make that extra effort to not get so down about getting off track, I will be able to achieve my goals. It is me vs me and no one else.

No one else.

(This is me in front of the house that I grew up in. It has been remodeled and didn't look anything like that when I lived there. The memory of how it used to look resides in my dreams and haunts me from time to time.)


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