Brian's Birthday!

Brian's birthday was a blast! We had so much fun with our loving family and friends. Shout out to my mom who is a magician in the kitchen. Brian's an April's Fool's birthday and I'm a Valentine birthday. So together we make Cupid's Laugh! (I wish the pics came out clearer but maybe someone *hint* *hint* will be getting a new camera soon!)


  1. Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!
    You look lovely and your girlfriends are drop dead gorgeous. I also like the guitar cake. I suppose you bought it :)...
    You two guys are quite a match, my kindest regards to the birthday gentleman :).

  2. As always the Beautiful Unikorna - you are soo sweet and such a positive entity. Yes, I bought the cake and was very lucky that our good friend's little sister is quite the baker and has her own business:) Happy Monday! I hope you have an excellent day! xoxo Hugs**


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