Almost April!

Can you believe it is almost April? Geez, this year is speeding by. April's going to be a great month - Brian's birthday on the 1st, a show on the 5th, the-day-we-met-each-other anniversary on the 16th (7 years ago!), our friends' little girls' birthdays and just the fact that it's getting darker later and my winter rut is lifting.

I am looking forward to being more positive in April and trying not let the everyday bs bring me down. I'm also working on establishing a Circadian rhythm which has been my goal for some years now. Luckily, we have a three-day weekend next week. I am looking forward to using it to get caught up and do my taxes. Yikes!

Anyhow, I've missed this space and I've missed blogging. xoxo


  1. And blogging is missing you :). Happy birthday for Brian...I am also waiting for spring to arrive sooner, but unfortunately tonight will be below zero...and we all hate it. Looking forward to photos from Brian's birthday :)>

  2. I know!!! I was saying the same thing the other day...


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