Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom. One of the things I love about her is how funny she is. She breaks into crazy characters in the grocery store, she starts walking funny in the middle of the sidewalk and when she laughs, she laughs loud and doesn't care who's around. For sure, I've inherited that from her because people say they can hear my laugh from a mile away!

The depth of her humor has taught me that when life gets serious and we feel like there is no hope--that all can change with a good laugh. Laughter is the cure for all things gloomy. My mom instilled this in me at an early age and it is what has carried us through the tough moments in our lives.

The laughs I love the most are the ones that make your stomach hurt and tears roll down your eyes. When we're together, we have at least one of these and it feels so therapeutic. Laughter is love.

So Happy Birthday to my Human Band-Aid or "Band-Dabe" like I use to say when I was little.  

I love you Mommy!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your incredibly beautiful mommy....I wish her eternal youth and to her equally beautiful daughter, a huge kiss.


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