San Jose

A couple of weeks ago we met my brother in San Jose, CA to attend the film festival Cinequest. He was the cinematographer on a film called Victoriana. I don't want to give too much away about the film but you can click the link to find out more. It was awesome to be there to support him. He is truly a gifted individual. Another awesome part of this trip was getting away with Brian. We have been so busy with work lately and it's rare that our schedules allow us to spend the weekend together. 

Advice for busy couples out there (especially if you have different work schedules like Brian and I do) - if you both can get just one day off to spend together, DO IT! It's better to have that one then none at all!

 Brian chatting with the beautiful Esther

Me & B before the screening of Victoriana

Me & Naje

Q & A

Cast & Crew Photo

Yours Truly:)


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