These Past Few Months...

Have been busy! Brian and I celebrated our third anniversary, I slipped into my wedding dress to do my annual funny, anniversary photo, performed in two shows backup vocals for the lovely artist Poe, went to a beautiful wedding, managed to squeeze in some Disneyland time and now have a September/October 2014 date for my album. I haven't been blogging much but my creative projects have been blooming. I'm also back in Spinning (Indoor Cycling) class five times a week which is kicking my my butt. Until next time...


  1. I used to listen to Poe all the time when I was in college. How exciting that you got to sing with her, and yay for your own album coming out! You have been busy! But I'm glad you got to sneak in some Disneyland time!

  2. Thanks Ronni! Always nice to hear from you. That is so cool that you used to listen to Poe. She's infectious. Now if only I can squeeze in some Disneyworld time like you:) xoxo


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