Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is coming and has become one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I do miss treat-or-treating and going out into the night to amass a huge candy fortune but I love handing out candy just as much. I love the autumn wind blowing on my face and spending every moment while the sun is out preparing for the neighborhood treat-or-treaters. Last year we made the mistake of giving handfuls of candy out only to run out about two hours after dark. This year, we'll be a little bit more frugal so we can stretch our candy-giving duties out longer.

In the past, shorter days used to make me sad but I've learned to make sure I see the sun every day. I am looking forward to spending the upcoming holiday months in a quiet manner. Last year, I couldn't wait for 2013 to be over but I've found myself indifferent about 2014 coming to a close. I am just eager to spend time with family.

I cannot wait to have days off in November/December and be able to have quiet of mind, write in my journal, finish my album, catch up on things around the house and most of all, spend time with he who makes my world go 'round.

But before then, it's pumpkin carving time!!! 


  1. I'm looking forward to this Halloween, we intend to take our first "family" picture with our dog. Have fun carving!

  2. How cute! Cannot wait to see it! Thanks for stopping by Steph! xoxo

  3. Can't wait baby!!

    Ps. "Why am I like this?" Lolz


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