The Charade

This performance moved me and it's been awhile since a Saturday Night Live musical guest has done so for me. Not only is the message powerful, the chord changes of the song are beautiful and it is inspiring to see D'Angelo take on another instrument and rock out on guitar. There are so many threads of Prince that weave throughout the sounds of The Charade but even though there's a similarity, there's still something new and original that D'Angelo brings to this song and this performance.

The message concerning #blacklivesmatter and #icantbreathe reminds me of the old days when musicians didn't need anything but music to create awareness about social issues of the world. For this instance, there was no media stunt or paparazzi-fueled hoopla. There was just a collection of talented singers and musicians, playing music from their souls, wearing T-shirts to represent the lost lives of young people who had no voice and no justice.

I understand more clearly now that true artists and/or artistry cannot be labeled or categorized.

For me, D'Angelo isn't an R&B Singer-Songwriter/Musician, he is an Artist.


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