Life Between Living: The Album

Life Between Living, the album is almost ready to be released! Our target date is May 1 which happens to also be our fourth anniversary. This picture was taken when we sent the songs in to be mastered, a process I have never done for any of my other songs. Mastering increases the volume of the tracks without making them sound distorted. It also adds balance and makes the songs sound polished and crisp. Of course, there's more science involved than I understand but I do know that it's a vital process that no artist should skip when releasing a single or an album.

We are so happy with the way the songs have turned out! Our next order of business is shooting photos, designing the CD artwork and then getting the album duplicated. I cannot believe this is happening and I'm so proud of everything we have done. The team consists of me, Brian and my mom and we have been working diligently to get this music finished and out into the universe. I feel so blessed to have them a part of my life!


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