The Show Rocked!

Shout out to Sandra Cox for inquiring about how the show went. You guys really touched my heart with your well wishes. The show was definitely a success. It was sort of a trial to see if we could perform without a whole band and we pulled it off. I sang and played keys and Brian played guitar and bass to the tracks from the album. Our lovely friends held the show in their backyard and I think it was the first time I ever played outside. It was dark so the pictures didn't come out as bright as we wanted but here's one that Brian managed to get:

Our friend Jonny also performed an acoustic set and watching him perform made me appreciate the talents and gifts my friends and family have. Performing with Brian was such a highlight. Of course, we're married so we share our lives together but being able to share art and collaborate creatively is truly a wonderful thing. My mom, who is a dynamic singer and performer was there also. Seeing her with her camera phone in the crowd made my heart warm when I was on stage. So...I will definitely be looking to book some more shows at the beginning of next year. Things usually slow down for the holiday season and I will be slowing down too.

I had so much fun with this look. My mom helped me with the hair and the lovely @Jocyjayyy did my makeup.

Isn't she lovely? I love my mom. This outfit pic below came out too dark but I had to post it anyway because of how much fun it was to rock out, lol.

And then of course, after the hair comes off, the eyelashes come off, the contacts are out, the pajamas are on and it's time to wash my face and go back to being my introverted self and get some much needed sleep...


  1. I'm so glad the show went well, and I hear you! Doing something creative together with your husband is THE BEST. (We wrote a musical. Ah, good times.)

  2. Oh I'm so glad the concert went well. Sounds like so much fun!
    And you and your mom are both lovely:)


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