What To Say?

The up and downs of the world have paralleled ups and downs in my life. Or maybe the ups and downs of the world are the same in my life. I have had things to say but I haven't wanted to say them. The endless cycle of police brutality, death, terrorists attacks, the war of the left and right have left me wanting to shut it off. To shut it away.

I have asked those who came before me many times if things are worse now then they were then and they say that they're not, it's the access and the frequency of the information that makes it seem worse. These things were always going on, my mother says, it's just that now we're seeing them everyday and they're right in our face.

Right in my face makes it worse for me. To escape means to disconnect, to turn off, to delete, to log off. There are so many beautiful aspects of the internet that are positive - reading others writing and blogs, discovering new recipes, getting lost on Wikipedia, learning how to do something on YouTube, watching my family and friends' little ones grow up, take their first steps, learn to speak, or friends getting engaged, wedding pictures, hopes, dreams, connecting, the future...

But the death, the fighting, the disagreements, the arguing, the left, the right, the terrorism, the bombs, the trolling, the disrespect, the bloodshed, the injustice, the murdering, the violence, the bullying, the racism, the intolerance, the disregard for human life, the apathy, the money-driven machines competing to be first to share the heartbreak to the public, the inequality and division on repeat, again and again, click, repeat, post...click, watch, post, repeat...

Is too much.

I will never lose faith in humanity even though my faith in people has diminished.  I know there's a light and I understand what is precious and how moments with those you love and cherish are the colors that decorate this book of life.


  1. It does seem like too much, but I believe that the good will always overcome the bad...it is just that we do not see it as often.

  2. You know, I agree with your mom. I was reading an account from a woman around 1815 and was shocked by the reality. She was traveling to another state to meet up with her husband--dragging along 9 kids--and the guy who was "escorting" her (a man who was a brother of a friend) decided he was going to steal her wagon and leave her high and dry half way through the journey. With 9 kids. In the middle of nowhere. Yikes! He failed because she made a huge scene in the middle of the town, but my goodness... People have always been people, eh?

  3. Thanks Optimistic - You are right, the good will always overcome bad even if we don't get to see it.
    That is crazy, Crystal! 9 kids! Holy smokes. And in 1815, that's horrible. Yes, people have always been people. I guess with technology today, we just get to watch the crazies more often. xoxo


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