After an exhausting yet somehow introspective weekend, I plunged into this week with a new microscope. Being blue for awhile now, I regained focus on what's important to me...why I am truly blessed, what matters most...Love. Above being accepted by my peers and colleagues, above success, above constant affirmations in school, work and any other institution, love is the only element that makes everything else inconsequential. The love from another human being, whether it be your boyfriend or husband, girlfriend or wife, mom, dad, brother, sister or friend is the protective coating around you. It sheathes you and inspires you to simply just live, smile, laugh and rejoice each and every day. 'Tis not that I'd forgotten this...but only neglected it and let the world in its catastrophic paralysis, problems, issues and negativity dominate the front row for a second. I remembered how there are some things I cannot change in life and a whole bunch of other things I can't control. What I can do however is love--truly love with all of my heart and soul - and everything that is will be.


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