Goodbye Work - Hello 405 Freeway

I am leaving work in five minutes and I dread the 405 freeway. It creates such a bad state of mind because of how congested it is anytime of any day. Sometimes I laugh at how ridiculous Saturday afternoons are when I think I'm going to have a day off from traffic and as soon as I make that turn onto the freeway I see cars lined up and hear honking. People drive crazily and I swear when I gaze at the people in the cars around me, everyone has that same look of disappointment on their faces. Motorcyclists zoom in and out of lanes and I must admit I envy their dare-devilism. I can see myself hair under a black helmet in a Trinity-like outfit from the Matrix, weaving in and out of cars with a truck driver's recklessness. Do you see me? Yeah, I'm that chick on the bike passing you by while you sit in traffic. Dodge this.


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