The Art of Movie-Hopping

When it's hot as hell or you're broke or just extremely against the $30-$40 we have to spend on a day at the movies, movie-hop. There are so many movies out now that I honestly feel like I've paid enough money. I usual pay for one movie and catch another one so I'm getting two for the price of one.

I think there should be a rule on remakes - if I've already paid money to see a movie that came out when I was a kid, I should get to see it for free because chances are it's gonna suck anyway. Also, if the sequel to a film sucks, we should get refunds. Transformers 2, Grudge 2, Iron Man 2 -- Please send me my $12.00 in the mail and make it out to CASH.

Here are a few ways to make your movie-hopping experience worthwhile:

 - Look at the show times before you go so you know what time your second (or third, Lol) movie starts. Timing is crucial.

- When you go inside, figure out which theater number you'll be going to so when you exit the first movie, you can casually enter the other one without looking lost or suspicious.

- Going to the bathroom after the first movie helps not only to relieve your bladder for the next two hours but also it's a safe spot where you can dodge workers.

-Bring your own snacks. You don't want to scarf your nachos down during the previews of the first movie, drink a large coke and crash. The concession stand peeps will probably remember seeing your face if you're the only one who likes jalapenos on your popcorn. Plan ahead and eat something substantial before you leave your house so you won't be that hungry during the first movie. If you're on the healthy tip, pack some nuts and dried fruit in your big-ass purse or the woman in your life's purse if you're a dude and bring your own water. If you're not on the healthy tip, stop at 7-11 and stock up on your favorite chips, drinks and candy.

If you're gutsy, grab a sandwich from Subway to eat during the second movie. Nothing is funnier than breaking out your delicious turkey with avocado sandwich while everyone else is munching on stale-ass popcorn and smelling the aroma of your honey-oat bread.

Last but not least...don't get caught! And if you do, so what! Life's too short to worry about getting kicked out of a movie theater. Some people have to worry about getting kicked out of their apartment because the rent check is late.

*Movie-hopping mostly works at theaters that don't have assigned seating. You're really ballsy if you try this at a stadium seating venue.


  1. OMG!! You are so funny, I had to read that out loud for the hubby as he played COD. We were both cracking up but actually taking it all in, we should have read your tips before the A/C broke down last weekend.

  2. I've always been afraid to movie hop but when you put in the prospective of bad movies and people who get evicted IRL, it's actually pretty intriguing. Michael Bay, prepare to be movie-hopped.

  3. @ Steph - A/C breakdowns are the perfect movie-hopping reason!

    @ Melissa - Thanks for your comment - Can't wait to hear your movie-hopping adventures!


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