Remember To Do Nothing

Sometimes it is best to remember to do nothing. There are dozens of to-do lists, goal lists and bucket lists out there and sometimes "what we have yet to do" becomes overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, getting things done and crossing off tasks on a list can be fulfilling but every so often it is nice to simply do nothing.

No television. No phone calls. No internet. No music. No tasks. Just you, alone with your thoughts. Maybe go to a park and sit on a bench. Maybe sit in your favorite chair in your house drinking a cup of tea.

I find myself missing the quiet sounds of the day that I used be lost in as a kid. Walking on the sidewalk, climbing trees, discovering new play spots--I miss the hidden symphonies of silence and as an adult, I make it point to hear them as much as I can and to enjoy the absence of distractions.

I make it a point to remember to do nothing.


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