Downsizing my blogs...

Experimentation is a good thing. Having all my hands in one cookie jar is great. However, with the new year approaching and new adventures in my life beginning, I have decided to delete almost all of my blogs except for this one. I love The Sauce Junkie blog but I can post recipes about my obsession with sauce here. My 405 fwy blog was great emotionally because I felt like I was getting back at the freeway which ruined my love for driving. The Crimson Clock...which I just created - I may keep for now but am not sure how often I will update it. I own the domain so maybe instead of a blog, I can make t-shirts or something that are specific to that time of the month. We'll see.

All I know is that I love the support I've received for all of my blogs but I don't want to spread myself too thin. I want to focus more on regularly updating this site even if it's once to twice a week. For some reason, I always feel like if I don't have something profound to say then I shouldn't blog but some of the most engaging blogs I've read have been on the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

So I think I will let the other blogs linger on for a week and then BAM...consolidation time!

I Love being a goofball with my mom


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