We're Performing Tonight!

My band In Lieu Of is performing at The Other Door (8:30pm) in North Hollywood tonight and I am very excited. It's also a special time because my brother and sis are flying in from Michigan and will be attending the show. It's going to be a family affair with music, singing and lots of fun.

My preparation: I ran this morning, did yoga and will have lots of tea. I will try not to talk so much during the day and practice a little bit on my keyboard. Other than that I'm going to relax until it's time to rock out. 

You can check us out and "like" us at Facebook and My Space. See you tonight!


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  2. You guys are now, officially, "liked" on my facebook:). I already said it, but, again, I was very impressed!

  3. Thank you so much for your support! I am glad you liked us and "liked" us!


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