Happy Mother's Day

She's a beauty, an artist, a singer, an entertainer, a philanthropist, a gentle soul, a voice of reason, a voice of comfort, an actress, a comedian, a confidant, a fierce entity and the strongest woman I know.
She is my mommy. 


  1. Your mommy rocks. I love the picture of when you were a little girl. So adorable!
    I understand exactly what you said about your grandmother and you mom's relationship. My mom and grandma had a somewhat complex relationship as well.
    Somehow those relationships are continued through generations, one way or another...

  2. You look just like her, she is a very very graceful lady..

  3. Mothers are the best. :) Love the photo of you two togther! You were such a cute little girl!

  4. That vintage picture of you two is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!!


  5. Did something happen to your blog a few days ago? It was not available for a while. Glad that it is back from the Twilight Zone.

  6. I'm not sure but the strange thing is that I cannot see any of my comments on your blog and I have no idea why? The Twilight Zone is taking over!


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