Quick Post! Comments Not Appearing!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Some of the comments I've been leaving on your blogs are not appearing and I have no idea why. Can you leave me a comment to let me know whether or not you have been getting them. Argh!


  1. Hey you, I am glad you said that because none of your comments show on my blog. I always get the email, reason why I know you stopped by :(

  2. None of your comments show on the blog :( But I still get them via email. I just saw your comment. Gotta hate blogger sometimes >:[

  3. Ok, I figured out what was happening with your posts. For some reason they were going into the spam box. Fixed now :-) Tell the other bloggers to check their spam boxes as well.

  4. I haven't had any comments from you lately. I hope you'll fix the problem soon...there are people missing you...you know>?

  5. That is so funny Introvert! Hope there aren't too many multiples! xoxo.

    I miss you too Unikorna! xoxo!


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