Noah's Ark

I've come to truly enjoy observing the way my friends and their mates interact with each other. Once upon a time I used to make throw up noises at extremely lovey-dovey couples and I still do but I have to admit with maturity comes a certain appreciation for lovers of the world. I love the banter, the sarcasm, the worrisome remarks they use along with the admiration they have for each other. I enjoy watching that look in their eyes when it feels like everyone in the room has disappeared.

It's funny when they tell on each other, revealing the other person's idiosyncrasies, looking for a sign that their mate is seriously odd only to find out that I too share some of those quirky qualities. I love when my mom says Brian and I act like we're a ninety-year-old couple with no specific reason as to why but just a simple, "because of the way you two are."

Sometimes I feel like Noah's Ark is a humongous, round green and blue ship called Earth and we have found or are all looking for a mate to pass the time aboard with.

I love watching my friends and their children, remembering how the crazy act of two people falling of love lead to a bunch of little people with eager eyes, little fingers, infectious laughter and bustling abodes.


  1. This was so adorable. Like you, I used to gag at the idea of public displays of affection. Now, with my husband, I have my co-workers making throw up noises at me when we speak on the phone.

  2. I like your idea about Noah’s Ark and I agree with your ideas! Also, please stop by my blog because you have been chosen to receive a Fabulous Blog Ribbon! If you like...and you may have already seen this before :) may pass along the ribbon posting the rules as I have done. But even if you don't pass it along, you deserve the award, you have a Fabulous Blog, and it's yours to post proudly! :)

  3. Aww, this is so sweet. Someday I hope to have a love like this! :) You two sound adorable!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    You sound like a lovely person and I like the way you tell your story.

    That photo of you and your father is priceless. Love shone on that one :)

  5. Oh I like this!!! I am lucky enough to have found one of those people that make me smile for the last 40 years. Once you have it it is wonderful. :) B

  6. Time can be cruel when it comes to experience showed me how it usually transforms into a comfortable camaraderie :).
    And off the topic....your lips are astonishing, I can't take my eyes off you, really. Your husband is one lucky gentleman :).
    Please post a bit more often...


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