Unexpected Beings

Last night, one of my friends was talking about how at this time in her life, the people she thought would be there for her weren't and the people that were in her life were unexpected. It is strange, this thing called time that weaves in and out the people in our lives like stitches on a quilt.

In my deepest of hearts, I believe that people are in your life for a reason and once that purpose is done, they are eclipsed. It isn't that they don't exist anymore, it is just that the universe has called them to do something else.

A few things that took me years to understand are that I have changed, am constantly changing and will change. My definitions of life, love and friendship when I was six, eighteen, twenty-five and today have similarities but have evolved as I have evolved. My expectations from people have changed because I am more concerned with the expectations I have for myself. My focus has shifted from analyzing the bad in relationships to appreciating what and who brings love and light to my life.

I have also learned to acknowledge the best friend that I have often ignored and ridiculed repeatedly--the one that never leaves and is always there...Me. I am one of my best friends and it feels awkward writing that but I believe that we often forget that the face staring back at us in the mirror is a face of love, hope, promise and compassion.

Sometimes the reason a person is in your life takes a lifetime to uncover. Where my mom, dad and brothers are concerned, they are pillars in my life that I continually learn from and feel like their purpose is infinite.

Brian also falls in this category but our purposes are simultaneous. As he changes, so do I, so do we. We're a meteor traveling through the galaxy absorbing everything around us as we fly forward. As he teaches me something about himself, I learn more about who I am and the definition of "us" transforms.

I am thankful for the people in my life and I am thankful for me being in my own.
*I titled this blog Unexpected Beings because at some point in my life, I believed (and I guess, I still kinda do) that I am from a different planet. I am just an alien visiting earth and the people I connect with are aliens too. We are light beings temporarily living here until we return to our home planet.


  1. I am an alien too... but you are so right, we change constantly, we are too hard on ourselves, and we forget we are and should be our best friends.
    I, as your friend, also have realized that some of my now current friends have come form the most unexpected places and moments, and those I thought were going to be my friends forever are now a good memory from a time that has passed.
    When you find out spaceship, let me know ;-)

  2. You're a beautiful writer! I enjoyed this so I am going to follow your blog and check out thew rest of your writing!

  3. Yes I agree everything happens for a reason. The most astonishing life lessons came from people I had barely met so yes I think we should keep our options open when it comes to friendships..
    I sure am glad I met you :), I love your serenity and also that you're full of surprises...

  4. It's very difficult and sometimes feels cynical to believe our true friend is ourselves. But once you learn to put yourself first I think the Universe attracts people who fit ones needs.

  5. Yes, Introvert (I know you're Ana but like to call you by that name:)- I will let you know when our spaceship arrives and we return to the universe. We are too hard on ourselves which is another thing I need to stop doing - xoxo

  6. Thanks "Inner Personal Advice and Product Reviews"! I will definitely check your blog out and appreciate your support and nice words:)

  7. Life lessons do have a way of popping up at the most unexpected moments. I am so glad I met you too, Unikorna - you never cease to amaze me and are a beautiful person:)

  8. I totally agree with you Steph! Putting yourself first is a concept that has taken me years to uphold. It isn't meant to be selfish--because once you take care of yourself, then you truly can help others. xoxo!

  9. I would love so much to have your advice regarding my most recent blog post. that is if you wish to...of course :).

  10. Just stop by and say I like your style of fashion and blog! I7m thinking to come visit again! Come and take a look at my blog as well:) Thank you so much! Let's follow?

    Little K.

  11. this is a great post. you are a very good writer!
    In my experience, only time can tell who is really there for me...and those who stick around until the end are the keepers.


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