Versatile Award

The endearing Unikorna who continually draws me in with every post she writes at Why I Wake Up Every Day was generous to award me and Life Between Living a versatile blog award. There are a few rules but I think we all pretty much know that one has to thank the blogger who nominated them, nominate others to received the award and then post seven random facts about themselves. So without further ado, here are seven random facts about me:

1. I believe food tastes better when it's upside down. Examples include: pizza, cookies, toast, open-faced sandwiches...

2. I am 5'3" and sometimes use a step stool to reach things in higher cabinets, on top of the refrigerator and/or to hang pictures.

3. I was born in Illinois, raised in San Diego and reside in Los Angeles.

4. When I first met Brian, I lost his phone number and was really sad. I went on to MySpace the next day and found him.

5. In the second grade, I wore my Halloween costume to school because we were having a carnival that evening and I thought we were supposed to wear costumes throughout the day. To my utter dismay, no one else did and I got teased on the bus by everyone because I was the only one in costume. Once I got to school, I cried so hard because I was the only Princess Ballerina in class and begged my mom to bring me a change of clothes. She couldn't because our school was pretty far from home (we had to take 2 buses to get there) so my teacher, Mrs. Hill, asked me to stand up in front of the class and told everyone I looked so pretty and that my costume was lovely. For the rest of the day and during recess, all of the kids treated me like a princess and made me feel so special. That is a memory I will never forget.

For the Versatile Award, I'm nominating a lovely woman that I like to refer to as "Introvert" even though her name is Ana, who shares with us at her blog Introverted Art --life lessons, self-introspection and beautiful artwork that accompany each post.

**After initially publishing this blog, I realized I forget to add two more here goes...

6. I am afraid of the dark.

7. Since I mentioned Halloween above, one time at the elementary school carnival, my mom came dressed as a bum. She wore her hair wild underneath a brown hat, blacked out some of her teeth with eyeliner, put a pillow in her belly and held a can out for money. People thought she was real and she scared some of the kids. My single-digit aged self was so horrified. I asked her over and over, "Why did you wear that outfit Mommy? Why?". LMAO!!!!!

Now that I look back, I think she was so creative and just a cool mom!


  1. OMG, I am so honored. Super honored!

  2. What a lovely post Shaharoh :)), I actually imagined you a lot taller to be honest :). Your mom's dress up was hilarious, this episode seems like a Gilmore Girls scene :). Kisses beautiful muse.

  3. OMG I loved this post SHHH! I din't know that story, ugh kids are so dumb.

  4. Hi Introvert - I am still here:) Just got back from vacation and had a show this weekend. You are too sweet! Promise to post soon xoxo!


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