Clean Clothes = Happy Me!

We bought a washer and dryer yesterday off of Craig's List and I am sooo happy! Our previous washer broke and our old dryer works but since these were better quality, we snatched them up. The older dryer will be modeling itself on Craig's List very soon. 

Let's just say that our laundry's been so piled up that I bought underwear from Target to get through the week. I attempted to do laundry after work the other night and one place was completely full and a worker at another said it was last call right when I walked in with a basket of clothes. I was beyond annoyed.

Yes, I could have washed some things out by hand but Ive been so swamped with work, figuring out dinner, adjusting to the commute and unpacking. Next time, by hand will be the way to go!

So now, thanks to my frantic hunt on Craig's List and my lovely Brian's man-strength, we have officially done our first load of laundry in our new place and I am a happy camper. Our next stop is to find a kitchen table, night stands and a treadmill. Gym memberships are sooo expensive and although our house is in a gated community, outside that community isn't the greatest of neighborhoods so running at home might be the best way to remain safe and stay active. We'll see...

It's the little (and big) things that make this house --which brightens my soul every time I walk inside of it--home.

**I'll post some pics once when we finish more unpacking;) 


  1. we are also looking for a new washer and dryer too. Ours make this horrible squeaky noise... I am afraid it will take off one day back to its planet!

  2. :))) It must have been really stressful without clean clothes lovely Shaharoh. I am glad you solved this problem, good luck and inspiration in finishing all the other plans you have for the new house. I can hardly wait for those pictures...but I can wait :)>


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