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I've been thinking about all of the things I can do for free. Moving has taken up so much of my time (and money!) and that doesn't mean that I should ignore the explorer inside of me. Brian calls it Cabin Fever. If I stay in the house for days, I get antsy and grumpy. It isn't necessarily that I need to be around people, I just need to get outside. Now that we have our own private patio, I will definitely be taking advantage of lazy Saturdays drinking tea or eating breakfast outside. (Once we get a patio table!) In the meantime, these are some of the ways I'd like to enjoy this season without spending a chunk of money. 

-Drive up the coast of Pacific Coast Highway. I love having the beautiful ocean as my companion and we, Southern Californians, are so lucky to live near it. It's not five minutes away, although I have lived in places where it was but with good traffic, Malibu is about twenty to twenty-five minutes away. The ocean is a pleasure that we don't take advantage of nearly as much as we should. When I'm near the water, watching the sunset, I feel free. Even during autumn or winter, the beach is a magnificent, windy beauty.

-Go to the library. This has been on my list for years. The closest I've got is walking into Powell Library at UCLA but that was on my lunch break and I didn't get a chance to rediscover the place I spent so many years studying and contemplating things.Going along with my "No new books till I've read the ones I own" 2012 New Years Resolution, I never said I couldn't borrow! I have actually bought a couple of books this year but no novels! Only recipe or health books.

-Enjoy the park. We used to live right near Lake Balboa but now I have to drive to get there. I miss my bike rides. I especially miss the walks with my great friend Adelia where we would talk about anything and everything that was going on in our lives. 

-Read. My bucket list for reading will never empty because I have yet to finish the book I've been reading for the last year The Elegance of the Hedgehog. If I could just get back into the swing of reading. Books and bubble they go together?

There is one thing I'd like to start doing that will require a little bit of money and that's ice skating! There a rink right down the street from our house and my goal for this holiday season is to bravely stop hugging the rail for dear life and learn how to do actually do a turn. I'd like to do a small turn and then learn how to do that endless turn like the skaters do and then put my leg up.

In time, in time, lol!


  1. You'll see beautiful Shaharoh, how much your life will change because of that small garden and patio you have. It;s your own slice of world and you are the mistress of it. When you wake up, before having your cup of coffee, you can go out in the garden barefoot and smile at the;s priceless :).

  2. There are amazing things one can do that does not require money, thank you for sharing some ideas and for remind us that pleasure comes from the little things.

  3. Hey, I just came across your blog and love it! Something so...peaceful, for lack of a better word about your post. I like you, am a Cabin Fever person, and with one vehicle it doesn't help much, luckily I get out at least twice a week for my daughters dance class but I felt like I lost me time. So I took up walking, I get up early and walk to miles, it is honestly something I now look forward to and I almost hat e the weekends because I use them as days off so I don't kill my feet. But it is free, good personal time, and has helped get me in shape! Glad I found you blog : )

    Sydney *new follower*


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