2013: Carpe Annum

It's time to seize this year by the...bells!

I have resolutions but will not be jumping into them gung ho-ishly. Instead I'll ease into them and not kill myself if I don't complete half of the list by June 2013.  A few goals I have are:

-Believe in myself, my potential and reach for my dreams
-Reduce debt and save money
-Be better than last year's self and ONLY compete and compare me with me. My good friend Cindy inspired this one. We were engaged in a deep conversation about life. She mentioned this idea to me and a spark ignited in my brain. I surveyed all of the times throughout my life in these recent years when I've compare myself to other people or just felt less productive in certain areas. She told me that the only person I can be in competition with is myself. I must outdo what I did last year. This is a lesson I will never forget.
-Stress less (Or rather resume my morning yoga)

What are some of your resolutions/plans/goals for this New Year? Get off the couch and stop engaging in beach whaledom? Stop picking your nose while driving? Speed less?

Inquiring minds need to know!

New Years Eve - December 31, 2012


  1. Reducing debt is definitely a good one! And having a little savings for a rainy day very important as well. Happy new year!

  2. Some very wise resolutions for so young a person :). I wish you to make them all true and may this year be the one when your voice transforms you into the most beloved celebrity of 2013 :).

  3. ROFL. I do need to stop picking my nose in the car. #trufax

    Was that TMI?


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