My New Woman Cave

I don't have pics yet, but my new Woman Cave is almost completely setup in our new place. The room is also our guest room but it is primarily a space where cavedom is the norm. Cavedom consists of less fun stuff like: organizing and paying bills, paperwork and planning.

It also consists of fun things like: listening and buying music, making awesome playlists, listening to my upcoming album, writing, poetry, journal entries, contemplation, laughing, rug-making, book reading, singing, just being, watching movies and dreaming.

I hope everyone who visits this blog has there own little nook, corner, cave where they can be creative without any distractions. Without mine, I'd simply die!


  1. My dining table :/ - <3 your blog :)

  2. I have a "nest" where I sit and keep pillows, my electric blanket, books, pens, notebooks, and easy reach of my computer and the space heater. I suppose that's my woman cave. :D

  3. I LOVE the concept of a woman cave :) We all need one!!

  4. @ West Fifth Street! - Thanks girl! What's on the dining table:)

    Ronni - I love the "nest" idea. Afterall, we are gatherers:)

    Oh Introvert! We all really do:) xoxo

  5. My bedroom is my space. I decorated it exactly how I wanted and it is so cozy and relaxing. I love to go in there and cuddle up after a long day. Luckily the hubs loves it too! :)


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