Pinch Me

**Photo by Brian**

Sometimes when I look at my life, I want to cry. It isn't out of sadness--it's more of an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and reflection. I see my little face in pictures when I was a little girl and I see my young mom with her baby. I remember the people who lifted us up and those who let us down. I count the blessings and try to forget the blows. Our family was once five then we became four, then three, then two and when I went off to college, she was one.

Now I have my own family and when I look at him everyday, I am filled with infinite love.  

Strange this thing they call time, eh?


  1. I feel like that some times too...

  2. Nostalgia is my constant companion...I have a sick inclination towards it. I wanted to ask you whether you have plans to...extend your famaily :)>


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