Life Between Living - A Concept

Once upon a time (like last week) this blog was called Inkblots. I loved that name because I feel like writing is about making sense of all the chaos in my brain. On Myspace, that was the name of my blog so I just carried it over to blogspot.

When I found that I could have my own URL for this blog, I thought about the music I've been creating lately. The collection of songs that I hope this year to complete will encompass an album known as Life Between Living. Originally, it was Somewhere Between Life and Living but my mom gave me the idea to shorten it and it stuck.

Further back, I dwelled upon this concept with my brother, Naje, (click on his name if you want to check out his website) about how there are two lives: one we live and one we look at. Somehow this concept stayed with me and it's been brewing for awhile now. Now that it is slowly blossoming into more than I originally thought it would be...I don't know maybe there's more to Live Between Living.

I absolutely love the magazine, Real Simple, and I think that  my concept doesn't have to necessarily blow up into a magazine but who knows...what do you guys think?

Oh yeah, while you're pondering about it, check out my new song (#2 completed out of 11 songs) called - Hmm, I wonder? Yeah, you got it...


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