There is clarity in happiness 
But I never forget the void that made me. 
The strength in one is now two,
With an amplified awareness. 
There I am under a tree, wondering where my life is headed. 
Crying because I hear a group of chords 
That are beyond beautiful. 
I am that one, 
A one who has known the evenings of silence 
Where the only voice to talk to is my own soul. 
"I am never one to forget" my friend 
Who is now an angel once told me. 
There is comfort in silence. 
Regeneration in quiet time. 
Lonely walks and toasting with one's self with a glass of wine.
I remember and even though it is a piece of me 
That is burnt into my skin,
Today, I am one plus one.
We are eleven.
We stand alone together.


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