Run Drum

I haven't worked out in awhile since before the wedding and it's been killing me! I got sick two weeks before the actual wedding which left me on the couch finishing up final details and now it's time to get back in the mix. For the record, I hate running! I used to like it when I was a kid but after awhile I just began to hate it. That's a huge reason why I force myself to do it.

The two things that keep me going are my playlist and the fact that I know it's healthy. How sad, I put the playlist first! I'm just one of those people that cannot workout without music unless I'm in a class. I also love running to the beats of songs, so I plan my music accordingly. I can run faster on a treadmill so on that playlist is Incubus, Circa Survive, one Slipknot song and others. For running on ground, I stick to Hybrid, Nine Inch Nails, slower Incubus songs, Bjork, Madonna and others. I do love the scenery that accompanies running outside so I choose songs that move my soul and make me feel happy to see the green. Now that I've got my game face on, I can go run.

 *Two pics from this past weekend of us going to the park. Brian played some basketball while I got caught up on my crossword puzzle. There's nothing like a blanket, the trees and the perfect weather. Green is good for my soul.


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