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Green Gold

This week has been brightening. My mother-in-law is visiting us and we have been spoiled with such great company and food. Her banana cream pie which is Brian's favorite desert is so delicious. It's nice for all of us to spend quality time together and it's nice to see a mama bird with her baby bird:) I love when time stops and all you can do is enjoy now - the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the quiet time, the love...your life.

**On a solemn note: please sign this petition for justice for the family of Trayvon Martin. Click HERE


  1. Sad to hear about that young man...a tragedy.
    --this is Monica Dockery btw.

  2. It is very sad. Reminds me of my young cousin who got shot in Oakland in 2000 by mistaken identity. It was gang members who shot him but I still feel like the police could have done more. xoxo

  3. Family time is always good and gets better the older you get! Love it!


  4. Thanks Lovelylady! You are soo right! Take Care!


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