Delicates and Knits

I'm watching the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" and eating breakfast for dinner. I didn't feel like making dinner so I whipped up a protein shake with a banana and a piece of toast. Yummy!

Tonight I'll be going for my weekly therapy session. It's my sixth session and for the past couple of weeks, I've been debating on whether or not to share that information on this blog. The reason being is that there is a certain stigma that makes it seem like therapy means a person is unstable or cannot handle problems on their own. Another assumption is that it takes a traumatic event to occur for someone to immediately see a counselor.

While they both can be true, I believe that sometimes there is no one reason why someone seeks a therapist. but rather a culmination of ideas, events, situations, thoughts, feelings that are like a gigantic mound of laundry that needs to be sorted. I can no longer mix my delicates with my everyday clothes so I'm taking some time to find a place for them with a little help.

To be present, I must engage my past.


  1. I hope your session went well.

  2. Thanks Ronni for the support! My session was good. There were a couple of awkward moments but I think it's because I am slowly revealing more about myself. Hope ur well xoxo!

  3. Shaharoh I think you're smart and inspired to take measures when it comes to your problems. I have all sorts of issues and cannot afford to go to a therapist - in my country it's way too expensive - but I applaud your audacity. I am sure you'll find your answers, you're too smart :).

  4. I think there's nothing wrong with seeking help of a therapist. I mean it's normal to seek help sometimes to get better. Hope your therapy sessions are doing well.


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