Abode Upheaval

We are moving!
Not to another planet.
Not to another country.
Not to another state.
But to a different house.

We are both fighting our colds but I'm almost healed. Zinc has now invaded our daily vitamin regimen thanks to my friend Rachel's advice. It always makes me feel queasy but I'm taking it with food and desperate for my throat to heal.

So...although I've abandoned Pinterest due to the fact that I'd rather live my dreams then see then pinned to imaginary boards, I decided that since we'll be broke for awhile once we move in, I can put my creative juices at work with DIY projects. So my pinning has begun again but only for projects that will manifest in real life.

Check me out here - http://pinterest.com/shaharoh/. I'd love to follow you and find out if anyone has any DIY projects for the home, closet or bathroom.

I'm sooo excited! I'm over the moon. The place we've stayed in for the last six years was a great home to live in. Now the owner is building upon the backyard. Once there were two people living on this property, then four and now it will be eight. Not the ideal situation for newlyweds. Plus, the construction going on hasn't been good for our health. We haven't been sleeping soundly and the constant sound of hammering and drilling takes a toll on one's soul after awhile.

In a couple of weeks, we'll be moving out and moving on. Of course, I will miss this place. This is the place where I built a life with the guy I met at Cinespace who became my boyfriend and then became my husband. We got engaged, planned a wedding, lost jobs, got hired, wrote tons of music including this album that needs to get finished once my voice is back, had memorable birthday parties, beer-pong tournaments, traveled to Asia for the first time, family visits...the list goes on.

Now, I am looking forward to creating new memories in our new home. I need a fresh start and a new beginning. (And quiet mornings with no construction!)



  1. moving is always an exciting and daunting undertaking. A new start and lots of boxes to pack :)

  2. Yes, Introvert! I can't wait. One more day until we get the keys!

  3. wow congrats Shaharoh on the new house and the new beginning...I can hardly wait to see how it looks...Take care of your voice and get healthy...step by step everything will fall into its proper place...Kissess many kisses

  4. Oh I hope you move went well and you are feeling better. Good luck. B


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