Hiatus. Limbo. Crossroads.

 Camping in Michigan 

Brian and my Sil (sis-in-law) Cheryl 

S'Mores Galore! 

At Lelli's with Lindsey and Rob.

At the show with my brother Naje

Hi Fellow Aliens!

It's almost been one month since my last post. The lovely Introvert jolted me back. I've been waiting on pictures from our vacation, pictures from the show and so much has been going on.

First, our vacation in Michigan was so much fun! We went camping, parading, boating on the lake, ate yummy food, and spent time with family and friends. We were two busy people! There's always that moment during a vacation when you wish you had more days because you know time is running short. We got to eat at Lelli's which is our favorite Italian restaurant and it was beyond delicious. It was so tasty that I had to fulfill my yearly quota of beef. I don't eat red meat except about once or twice a year.

After we returned, we had another show this past Saturday at TRiP in Santa Monica. My brother, Naje and his lovely girlfriend Esther flew out from New York to watch the show. He's never seen me perform live and it was such an amazing moment to share with him. Last weekend was a family affair because my mom and Stan came as well. The show was awesome and so many friends came out to support us.

In between all of this, I've somewhat recovered from a throat infection. I caved in and took antibiotics and got better but now I feel blah. The weather has been blazing so we've had to sleep with the air conditioner on which I know is not the greatest thing for one's throat. I just haven't felt all the way healed and hopefully, this will all end soon because...

We are looking for a new place to live! It isn't set in stone but I pretty much think we will be moving shortly. We'll still live in the same town but in a new house. I've already looked at seven places in a manner of seven days and continue to search everyday. I feel like my life is at a crossroad and in limbo. We are both anxious to find something soon and get settled in. It's weird because two of my best friends are moving. One is in Texas and the other will be in Hawaii. Things never stay the same and we are all trying to build new lives in new places.

I hope to have so many more pictures to share from the trip and the show. I have missed you all and look forward to keeping you updated on how my home, health, music and well-being balance out.


  1. Welcome back Shaharoh, I've missed you. I figured you were taking some time off...
    I would love some photos from the show :). I truly hope your throat will get better, you look lovely and your brother is so cute :). If you move, please choose a house with a garden, it will change your life entirely.

  2. Looks like you have had a lot of fun. But very happy to see you back.


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